explores, finds, and presents the “bridges” of Greek folk music. The very best of its past, present, and future. 


Featured Articles

Featured Articles

Open your door! – Carols for Christmas, New Year, Fota 

4 Min Read

Carols are a very old custom and one of the most special types of Greek folk songs, very closely linked to important festivals of the

Fables and Customs of Death

8 Min Read

Written by Soula Tosca-KampaThe purest waterof the earth are tearsFor it is the distillation of the soulat the edge of the eyes.A special place in

Chronis Aidonidis – the Grandmaster of Greek folk music (video interview)

2 Min Read

Chronis Aidonidis is considered one of the greatest personalities of Greek folk music in general. His work is priceless. He has gone down in history