It’s all Greek to me! begins its journey to explore, find, and exploit the “bridges” of Greek folk music with its past and present, with the environment of its creation, but also with the ever-expanding landscape of its acceptance even far from its “roots”.
Folk music is one of the oldest forms of culture in the world and has survived to the present day thanks to a timeless value based on high aesthetics and creative continuity. aspires to broadcast this aesthetic and the specificity of Greek folk music, which may have been born many centuries ago in rural conditions and through human contact with nature and its elements, but today proves that it is a very powerful means of expression even in modern times, when the world has moved to cities and communication knows no boundaries. wants to communicate this beauty and the aesthetic value of Greek folk music, through a selection of repertoire that will be representative of its melodic and musical diversity in Greece, its historical value, and its most important creators and performers, while presenting the most prominent of them. It will tell stories through its most beautiful songs,  highlight the most representative instruments that interpret it, and communicate it equally to people who have discovered it or are in the process of discovering it, but who are not Greek-speaking and are very interested in it and its musical history.





With exclusive recordings, documentaries, special tributes, documents, and presentations of new recordings. That’s why we will focus on an interaction that is direct, simple, but very meaningful, providing the most basic information that one needs to become a part of this music and start listening to it in a context that includes exactly what makes it stand out. The spirit and musical experience reveals a wonderful narrative. The poetry of Greek folk music.


The team are:

Sotiris Bekas: Executive Editor
Sofia Labropoulou: Deputy Editor, Music Editor, Musician, Composer
Ourania Lampropoulou: Scientific Collaborator, Musicologist, Music Editor, Musician
Ilker Ülsezer: Music Editor, Musician, Composer
Konstantia Douka: Writer, Researcher, Reviewer 
Argyris Nakos: Artwork and Graphic Designer
interTEN: Web-Design and Software Design