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The “Kalesma” of a Deep Musical Exploration

Written by Sotiris BekasThe perception of music and its influential beauty is 8 Min Read

PAGAN invites us to their celebration! (Interview)

Interview by Sotiris BekasThey've gained a wide audience in a very short 15 Min Read

Terra Melodia are introduced to

Written by Sotiris BekasTerra Melodia means "the melody of the earth," and Stavroula 5 Min Read

“African Bass” – The reissue of an iconic global-jazz album

Written by Michael PolychronisJohnny 'Mbizo' Dyani wasn't just another jazz musician. Although 4 Min Read

The Tune of ’Trinis Defteras’ from Melanes Naxos

Written by Sotiris BekasThe tune of ’Trinis Defteras’ from Melanes Naxos could 8 Min Read

Dilgkiroudi with songs from Thrace and Macedonia

Written by Sotiris BekasDilgkiroudi (or Dilgeroudi) is a word encountered in Eastern 4 Min Read