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The Samuel Baud-Bovy collection

“I am not so naïve as to imagine that the chelidonisma taught 3 Min Read

The bridge of the 200 folk fables

The bridge of 200... folk fables! The renowned “folk fable” of the 5 Min Read

Nikos Xilouris – The Archangel of Crete

Nikos Xilouris a.k.a. Psaronikos, was born in 1936, at Anogia Milopotamou in 4 Min Read

Giorgos Papasideris – The Pioneer

He was born in Salamina on November 14th, 1902. He was the 5 Min Read

Simon Karas – Biography

Simon Karas was a musicologist and a researcher of the Greek musical 4 Min Read

Tassos Chalkias – The Top of Epirus

Tasos Chalkias is one of the most important musicians in the history 5 Min Read