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Lefteris Pavlou – The Ritual and the Music of Anastenaria

Interview by Konstantia DoukaThe custom of 'Pyrovasia' (barefoot fire-walking) is the culmination 14 Min Read

Five recent world music albums worth listening to

Written by Michael PolychronisLucas Santtana: O Paraíso (No Format, 2023)The 54-year-old Brazilian Lucas 3 Min Read

Constantinople Ensemble – Mixture of Cultures through the Vehicle of Music

Written by Michael PolychronisMusic has always been and remains an inexhaustible field 6 Min Read

Kyratzides – Album Review

Written by Sotiris BekasThe Kyratzides (or Kiratzides), these Vlach nomadic groups quietly but 4 Min Read

The work of VLACH («Vanishing Languages ​​and Cultural Heritage»)

Written by Sotiris BekasThe documentation and analysis of endangered linguistic and cultural diversity 2 Min Read

POLIS Ensemble – Calanda (Album Review)

Written by Sotiris BekasThe carols, a very old form of folk song and 3 Min Read