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Giorgos Mavridis, Folk songs and tunes from the region of Drama – Book and cd release 6 Min Read

By Sotiris BekasGiorgos Mavridis is a unique case of a musician who seems to draw his evolution from the orientation manual that was maintained by the

Stella Tempreli – Anastenariko (Thrakian Fire Dance) 8 Min Read

By Sotiris BekasAttempting to reinterpret a very old folk song, let alone a folk fable carrying an entire story with it, is a challenging endeavor,

Katerina Papadopoulou & Aegean Arc – Aura (Album Review) 4 Min Read

Written by Sotiris Bekas"If 'Notio Toxo-In Karpathos' was a music proposal based on the repertoire of the southern Greek geographic arc, the following recording of the

Giorgos Zoumbas – “Stin Agkalia sou Pare Me” 6 Min Read

By Sotiris Bekas The Zoumbas family became widely known through references made by the American ethnomusicologist, record collector, and author, Christopher King, in his book

POLIS Ensemble – Calanda (Album Review) 3 Min Read

Written by Sotiris BekasThe carols, a very old form of folk song and a rural social custom associated with major calendar holidays remain popular even in


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Stelios Petrakis – Spondi (album release)

The characteristic sound of Stelios Petrakis is familiar, for several years now, not only in 4 Min Read