Kristi Stasinopoulou – “On the Road Diaries” (book release)

Article by Sotiris Bekas

In “On the Road Diaries,” Kristi Stasinopoulou recounts a journey that was little known in Greece at the time it was unfolding, even though it was highly appreciated in many other parts of the world where they invited the significant Greek singer and songwriter, along with Stathis Kaliviotis and their band. Their work gained wide recognition at many prestigious festivals worldwide, and perhaps it was a fortunate coincidence that in Greece, they appeared as invited guests, just like other international artists. That’s exactly what they were. Although she already had a noteworthy artistic presence in the 1980s, it was the kaleidoscopic musical blend they developed together with Stathis Kaliviotes, which included clear influences from Eastern music and direct references to Greek folk music, that ultimately earned them the acceptance they truly deserved and worked so hard and dedicatedly for in their art. In her new book, “On the Road Diaries,” Kristi Stasinopoulou gives us the opportunity to follow the steps of an amazing journey that resembles the “Magic Bus” of World Music. This journey coincided with the development of the specific musical movement, and on a second level, the reader has the opportunity to become a part of this musical pandemonium from around the world through Stasinopoulou’s narratives. Festivals, open-minded people who embraced the beauty of multiculturalism, the most important figures in this music and industry – all of them were milestones in this wonderful journey constantly “On the Road.” Whether this would have happened if Kristi Stasinopoulou and Stathis Kaliviotes had been exclusively active in Greece is a question that is difficult to answer. However, everything else is here in this book, which is not just a mere account of a musician’s life, but the essence of a very significant musical career that was truly international. And it’s certainly very interesting!

The following are Kristi Stasinopoulou’s own words (on the back cover of the book): “In ‘On the Road Diaries,’ I narrate my experiences and impressions from the twenty-five years during which, together with Stathis Kaliviotes and our band, we traveled the world playing our music. From various international music festivals, famous concert halls, or legendary underground clubs in the metropolises of Europe and America, to cultural concerts in remote villages of exotic countries, difficulties, and roadblocks, encounters with interesting musicians of all nationalities, cultural similarities, and differences… I could do nothing but record them almost daily in vans, airplanes, and trains, in hotel rooms, waiting rooms, and dressing rooms. During the pandemic era, I found the opportunity to organize and transcribe these texts and scan my sketches, which had been forgotten between the pages. Written through my own perspective and having already traveled a long journey in the corresponding musical aspects of our country, I considered it interesting, enjoyable, and perhaps useful to share them…”

A Few Words About Kristi Stasinopoulou
Kristi Stasinopoulou began collaborating with musician Stathis Kaliviotes in 1989, who came from the Greek punk scene. Together with drummer Vangelis Vekios and guitarist Kostis Anagnostopoulos, they formed the ethno-punk group “Selana.” Since that time, she has been in permanent collaboration with Stathis Kaliviotes. Together, they recorded the albums “Yfantokosmos” (1997) and “Ichotropia” (1999), which reached the Top 10 in World Music sales in Europe. In 2003, the LP “The Secrets of the Rocks” reached No. 1 on the same chart, and subsequent albums, “Taxidokopio” (2007), “Greekadelia” (2012), and “Nyn” (2016), achieved similar success and international recognition, establishing her as one of the best Greek interpreters of World Music. As an author, Kristi Stasinopoulou has penned two books: the collection of short stories “Seven Times in Amorgos” (Kastaniotis, 1992) and the novel “Fire Sword” (Livanis, 1995).

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