Women in Folk Music – Neli Andreeva

Women in Folk Music is a new project showcasing Women in Folk Music, launched by FolknWorld and edited by the journalist, Sotiris Bekas. It’s an honor to have the amazing prima of Bulgarian folklore, the singer Neli Andreeva in what we hope to be the first of many editions to come. Thank you (Благодаря ти) Neli!

For over 20 years Neli Andreeva has been the first soloist of Bulgaria’s National Folklore Ensemble “Philip Koutev”. She gains international acclaim with her original song Malka Moma, which she performs together with the ensemble back in 2010. In 2014 Neli sets up her own choir, “Nusha”, part of her larger school for young aspiring female singers. Since 2018 Neli has a Masters degree in conducting and is also Head of the Folklore Singing Department of the National Music Academy of Bulgaria in Sofia.

Special thanks to: Neli Andreeva, Kalina Andreeva, Yoana Andreeva, Nikolay Peev, Zvjezdan Ružić, Mateo Jurčić, Lilly Uzunova, Liana Petrova, Yana Vlaeva, Márton Kopcsik, Ivan Ruslanov, Márta Sebestyén, Bresaola Studios (Budapest), National Radio of Bulgaria, University of Sofia.

Music Credit
Manda / Манда – Music, lyrics, and arrangement: Nikolay Peev

Kriva Koza – Music, lyrics, and arrangement: Nikolay Peev, performed by: Nusha Choir

Devoiko, Mari Hubava – Bulgarian folk song from the Rhodope mountains

Petlite Peyat / Петлите Пеят – Arrangement: Neli Andreeva, Nikolay Peev, Performed by: Nusha Choir

Malka Moma Lyrics: Neli Andreeva Music and arrangement: Neli Andreeva and Georgi Genov

Ne Hodi, Momne le – Bulgarian folk song from the Rhodope mountains

Moma Denitca – Music, lyrics, and arrangement: Nikolay Peev, performed by: Neli Andreeva and Nikolay Peev

Da Znaesh Maicho – Bulgarian folk song performed by: Zvjezdan Ružić ft. Neli Andreeva & Nusha Choir

Photos Credit Neli Andreeva, www.bnr.bg, Krasimir Marchev, Gabriel Baharlia

Video Credit Da Znaesh Maicho – video by: Mateo Jurčić

Mixing of Live recorded Audio – (Bresaola Studios – Budapest) Marton Kopcsik

Translation from Bulgarian to English – Lilly Uzunova and Yana Vlaeva

Concept, Filming, Audio Recording and Editing Sotiris Bekas

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